How We Deliver Your Products

When you purchase custom furniture from us, we prioritize ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition. Here’s a detailed look at our packing and delivery process:


  1. Padding and Wrapping: Each item is carefully padded and wrapped to provide maximum protection. We use high-quality materials to cushion your furniture, preventing any movement or damage during transit.
  2. Secure Transport: Once wrapped, your furniture is transported in a secure, enclosed box truck. This ensures that your order is shielded from external elements and any potential impacts on the road.
  3. Shipping Crate: For added security, we place your wrapped furniture in a custom built shipping crate. This crate is robust and designed to withstand the rigors of transportation. It provides an extra layer of protection against any external pressure or mishandling.
  4. Quality Check: Before sealing the crate, a thorough quality check is performed to ensure that all packing materials are properly in place and the furniture is secure.
  5. Sealing the Crate: The crate is then securely sealed, ensuring it remains intact throughout its journey. We use industrial-grade fasteners and seals to keep everything secure.
  6. Tracking and Delivery: Once your furniture is crated and ready, it is labeled with tracking information. This allows you to monitor its journey from our workshop to your doorstep. Our delivery team handles the crate with care, ensuring it is delivered to you without any issues.
  7. Customer Inspection: Upon delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the items before the shipping company departs. If any damage is detected, it’s best to reject the crate. This way, we can address the issue and reship the item. Fortunately, damage is rare due to our effective crating process.
We invite you to watch our video, which show our packing and crating process, giving you peace of mind about the safety and care taken with your custom furniture order.