Current Approximate production lead time is 14 weeks from date the invoice is paid. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-21 days once production is completed.

About Limitless Woodworking

Limitless Woodworking is a business that was birthed out of seeking and loving Jesus. The story starts back in 2012 when Jesus captured the hearts of the Thomas family. He changed everything about our lives. God began to burn in our hearts, and we began seeking Him above everything else.

In 2015 my wife and I were expecting our first baby girl to be born. Alyssa told me that she felt God wanted her to quit her job and stay home with our daughter full time when she was born. With Alyssa being a 50% contributor to the family, this was a big decision. We knew that God was doing something here, so we stepped out in faith. I began building things on the side part time, and then it very quickly turned into a full time gig. It was obvious that this was God’s plan.


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