Limitless Woodworking is a business that was birthed out of seeking and loving Jesus. The story starts back in 2012 when Jesus captured the hearts of the Chad & Alyssa Thomas. He changed everything about our lives began to transform us. Chad and Alyssa began dating in 2004, married in 2012 and started their family in 2015. We are best friends, soul mates and true partners. We have a seven year old daughter named Bryce, a four year old son named Hank, two rescue cats (affectionately) named Black Cat and Dolly and a bulldog named Peanut. In 2012, God began to burn in our hearts, and we began seeking Him above everything else. God did so much work in our lives during this time and helped us grow in countless ways. In early 2015, when we were expecting our first child, Alyssa felt a deep calling on her heart to stay home with our daughter after she was born. She knew that this was God’s plan and when she told Chad, he undoubtedly agreed and trusted this calling in her heart because Chad also felt there was something bigger that was going to happen, but just didn’t know what that was. At this time, we were barely making ends meet financially and were both equal financial contributors to our household working corporate jobs. We knew God must have a plan for our family. We stepped out in faith; trusting God with all that we had and let him handle the rest. In actuality, we had our first baby and both quit our jobs within a few months of each other, with less than $200 to our name. Most people would consider this reckless and crazy but we knew, in faith, God was calling us to something greater…much greater. Admittedly, we are the least business minded people that God could use but our hearts were pure, our intentions were fixed on Him, our goals remained Kingdom-focused and we are two of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He used us to create Limitless Woodworking and in creating Limitless Woodworking, he has grown us in so many ways.

How It Started

It all started in 2014, when Chad made his very first piece ever; a custom wood shelf to house our daughter’s cloth diapers in her soon-to-be nursery. As soon as we posted a replica of it for sale, we sold 24 that very weekend. Chad grew and learned and perfected his craft; shelves turned into decorative ladders and decorate ladders turned into farmhouse tables and tables turned into built-ins and built-ins turned into his bread and butter… cabinets. Most commonly, we are selling bathroom vanities, kitchen islands and any other cabinet you may dream up. We have perfected every aspect of
our work and invested everything into machinery, materials and people to provide the highest quality we know how. We are proud to service the entire country and even have pieces in other countries.


God has used us to create Limitless Woodworking and used Limitless Woodworking to touch so many hearts, for His glory. We have seen lives be transformed, healing take place and God win the hearts of many. We are so grateful to live this life He has called us for. A life of hard work, faith and trust in our Father. We genuinely believe that if we keep our hearts and eyes fixed on Him, abide in Him, & keep Him as the standard, we will never fail or falter. Love never fails. God is for us (and you) and if we live for Him, He will always provide even if it is not how we had imagined that He would.
We are so blessed to now have 6 employees (Hank (not our son), Cameron, Asher, Phil, Cam, Caleb + Chad and Alyssa) in an almost 8,000sq ft commercial woodshop 20 minutes away from home in Elwood, Indiana.







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